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Martin Diesel and Natural Gas Generator Services was established in 1993 when Paul Martin began to repair diesel engines in his dad's shop. Over the next decade, he continued to repair and build diesel engines and generator units. In 2003, he also began working with natural gas engines and has since designed a natural gas conversion kit for diesel engines. Today, two decades later, natural gas conversions provide us with the majority of our work and we are proud to be the only Governors of America dealer in Pennsylvania.


We first began to explore diesel to natural gas conversion when we were approached by Amish businesses interested in converting their diesel-run generators and power units to natural gas capacity. After research and development, we were able to build a performance-efficient, cost-effective generator similar to higher priced units manufactured by CAT. Our CAT 3406 diesel engine conversion provides a spark ignited engine with IMPCO carburetor, digital ignition system, electronic throttle body governed with digital controller with all new internal natural gas hard parts. 


We have multiple generator units among the Amish communities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. We also provde prime duty units on the oil fields in Texas. These units have been in use for several years with great results and no major failures. Available for rent now are diesel generators, trailer mounted and enclosed, for emergent and short term service. 


We are pleased to now offer the CAT 3408 as well as the CAT 3412 in our line of available conversions! 


CAT 3408 Diesel to NG Conversion
CAT 3412 Diesel to NG Conversion
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